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We are a Center Psicopedagogico Support who is the Heart of several women, housewives and professionals that concerned about children in Isla Mujeres, decided to found and create a partnership (LOVE OF CHILDHOOD, AC) enabling them to provide support to children who are in emotional, economic and social disadvantage. Currently, the project began as a dream has now become an institution that provides specialized education for children with special educational needs with and without disabilities.

Our Mission.

Contribute to the overall development of children with special educational needs with and without disabilities, promoting a fun, experiential and perceptual education, the ability to engage and re-educate the family in the child`s learning process to enhance and influence in the community with improved educational.

Our Objectives:

  •      Rehabilitate and protect children.
  •      Defend the rights of children by all means provided by law.
  •      Promote and collaborate for the integral development of children in order to obtain an improvement in their standard of living, both in the social, cultural, economic, providing support and assistance to children.
  •     Promote educational and career progression of children and adolescents who lack sufficient means to own and live in   dignity.
  •      Give families access to assessment and professional assessment by specialists to guide and accompany the family to the best option for the child`s development.
  •      Promote the inclusion of perceptual bases in the regular education of the child as a tool to build knowledge through playful and experiential processes as a vehicle for experience, awareness and acquire learning in a natural and permanent.
  •      Provide timely follow the child through an individualized psychoeducational intervention to promote the development of their abilities and learning styles.
  •      Build and promote rehabilitation workshops and centers for children at all levels.
  •      Promote professional and cultural improvement of the partners to their knowledge is applied to children in particular.
  •      Obtaining helps all kinds of organizations, institutions and government, both Municipal, State and Federal; all kinds of concessions and activities aimed at improving their social status.
Our Vision.

Being recognized as a Center of Learning support educational training and job training, to provide quality and professional responses to families who lack the means to obtain such training. Helping to meet the challenges that these are submitted in the process, thereby contributing to the creation and integration of a society with a culture of inclusion, respect and tolerance for individual differences.

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